Kim Ruyle is President of Inventive Talent Consulting, LLC, a Florida-based firm that provides strategic talent management and organizational development consulting for leading global organizations. He is an Independent Associate in Korn Ferry’s Global Associate Network.

Kim has 30 years of experience in human resources, organizational development, and general management. Previously, he served six years as Vice President of Research & Development at Korn Ferry Leadership and Talent consulting where he led the development of numerous robust talent management tools, assessments, and thought leadership. Prior to joining Korn Ferry, Kim was director of learning and development for Siemens Logistics and Automation Systems, where he was responsible for strategic HR practices including succession planning, performance management, and employee development. Previously, Kim managed learning and development processes and technology for Deere & Company, founded and ran a software company, and taught at four universities.

Kim has presented at more than 90 professional conferences, published dozens of articles and book chapters, served on numerous expert panels and editorial boards, and authored or co-authored five books on leadership and talent management. Kim has been certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources by the Society of Human Resource Management. He served for six years on SHRM’s Special Expertise Panels for Organizational Development and for HR Disciplines. Kim has also been certified a Master Human Capital Strategist by the Human Capital Institute and earned an Executive Certificate in Applied NeuroLeadership Program through the NeuroLeadership Institute and Pepperdine University.

Kim earned PhD and MS degrees from Oregon State University, an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, an MEd from East Texas State University, and a BS degree from Winona State University. His fields of study are business, vocational-technical education, industrial engineering, instructional design, adult education, and instructional technology. Kim’s latest book, Lessons from a CEO’s Journal: Leading Talent and Innovation, was published in 2014.

Kim E. Ruyle, President
Inventive Talent Consulting, LLC
Melbourne, Florida
[email protected]


The Korn Ferry Associate Network

Leveraging the Korn Ferry Associate Network: Extending our brand and reach

The Korn Ferry Associate Network extends and further leverages the Korn Ferry brand and services by using a full cadre of proven and experienced consultants to enhance client relationships and to deliver services. This document outlines information for engaging with the KF Associate Network.


History and Overview

The founders of Lominger, Mike Lombardo and Bob Eichinger, created Lominger in 1991 to create a research-based competency model with concrete development tools. They challenged the elitism of deciding who had leadership qualities based on college grades and past experience, and wanted to open up organizations to those individuals with the most merit.

The competency library developed by these partners derives from studies at the Center for Creative Leadership, documented in The Lessons of Experience (McCall, Lombardo and Morrison, 1988). The Leadership Architect® Library was researched and created with leadership development in mind. Their research indicated that there are certain types of experiences (jobs, projects) that are instrumental in the development of successful executives’ careers. Those experiences teach certain lessons and skills/competencies (now classified as the Leadership Architect® competencies).

These competencies have continued to be validated over the years via extensive studies conducted in conjunction with many clients. In 2010, Eichinger and Lombardo received the lifetime achievement award from the American Society of Training and Development for this body of work.


Development of the KF Associate Network

As this new competency-based approach gained momentum, the founding partners formed the Korn Ferry Associate Network in 1991 as their consulting arm for promoting, selling and extending Lominger services:

  • Today, the Korn Ferry Associate Network is made up of over 40 individuals globally.
  • The Korn Ferry Associate Network is made up of experts in the talent management, organizational development, strategy, and other organizational related fields. Many have held senior level corporate OD/HR positions in a diverse range of industries. All have extensive leadership development, consulting, assessment, and coaching experience.
  • The majority hold over 20 years of experience consulting with clients and hold either a Masters or Ph.D.


Niche in the Market

  • The Korn Ferry Associate Network pursues long-term, high-touch relationships with clients. In fact, many Associates have relationships that span 10+ years.
  • Many Korn Ferry Associates have a tenured relationship to Korn Ferry as some individuals were directly involved developing products and services at the advent of Lominger.
  • Korn Ferry Associates work with clients who request high-touch assessment and development programs.

At the end of the day, a Korn Ferry Associate represents the client. With a Korn Ferry Associate, you’ll receive localized strategic initiatives that not only meetyour immediate need, but they will also partner with you to help manage the broad picture in the long term.

Clients can be assured that the KF Associates, either by themselves, or in partnership with Korn Ferry consultants, will provide contemporary solutions that significantly enhance their competitive position in the marketplace.



KF Associates are located globally (throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America) with a high concentration in California, New York, and the United Kingdom. While each KF Associateis listed by location, Korn Ferry Associates are not limited in the geographies they serve.

Several Korn Ferry Associates are integrated with their global clients and travel worldwide to train and coach individuals and to provide corporate wide solutions. Regardless of location clients can be assured that the Korn Ferry Associates will bring the very best of Korn Ferry products and solutions to address their specific needs and issues.



Please contact your personal Korn Ferry Associate to answer any specific questions or concerns.