Inventive Talent

How Does Your Board Measure Up?

Fewer than 50% of Directors give high marks to their Boards. Some small company Boards operate as high-functioning teams – they help shape organizational strategy, mitigate a variety of risks, and actively engage in the development of the talent pipeline. Unfortunately, though, many small-company Boards are largely ceremonial, focus too much on lagging performance indicators, and fail to prioritize the most important issues. How would you describe your board?

Gain actionable insight into your Board’s strengths and developmental opportunities with the Inventive Talent Survey™ of Board Effectiveness. It is pain-free, research based and cost-effective. The assessment is administered to all Directors and yields information about three key factors that predict Board effectiveness:

  • Capabilities and Composition
  • Focus and Priorities
  • Team Dynamics

Additionally, each Director receives a confidential, individualized 180-degree assessment on key competencies. We’ve worked with hundreds of executives around the world to drive organizational performance and we’d love to work with you.

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