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Facilitate Effective Talent Reviews!

Organizations that excel at leveraging talent, excel at differentiating talent. Unfortunately, most managers are incapable of distinguishing between performance and potential. They need help. The Inventive Talent Reviews™ Software application will guide your managers in rating talent and preparing for accurate talent review meetings. Accurate talent reviews are critical for understanding your inventory of talent and building a talent pipeline that will serve the long-term leadership needs of your organization. Additionally, effective talent reviews are the single best way to educate operational managers and raise the level of talent management sophistication in your firm.


Inventive Talent Reviews™

A Simple, Cost-Effective Software Application

  • Assess Potential and Contrast with Performance
  • Educates Managers While Guiding Rating of Talent
  • Automates Population of 9-Cell Matrix
  • Facilitates Development Planning for Hi-Pos
  • Graphical Talent Inventories
    • Current-State View
    • Future-State View
    • High Potential Generalists
    • High Potential Specialists
  • Cloud-Based SAAS Application
  • All Data Encrypted – Privacy Ensured with SSL 256-bit Security Technology

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