Lessons From a CEO's Journal

Lessons From a CEO’s Journal

How can you ensure your company lands the top talent—and capitalizes on it? Just ask a veteran CEO. Lessons from a CEO’s Journal: Leading Talent and Innovation looks at the management of talent from the vantage of a fictional retired entrepreneur/CEO. It offers leaders an unprecedented, entertaining guide to getting the best workforce and getting the best out of them.

Presented over the course of an imagined seven-day Caribbean cruise, a recently retired CEO shares lessons learned about talent management over his career. By the end of the cruise, readers have gleaned invaluable insight on all aspects of attracting and shepherding exceptional human resources. You’ll learn how to attract and select talent, integrate and align them, engage and develop them, and deploy and plan their succession. You’ll also learn the implications of talent management for leading innovation.

Practical and accessible, Lessons from a CEO’s Journal is a required reading for anyone who seeks to leverage talent to enhance the success of a business. It’s a must for human resource professionals and those in organizational development, as well as any business leader, manager, or student who seeks to identify and nurture the right person for any job.

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