High Potential Leadership Development

All talent is valuable, but all talent is not created equal. High potentials not only deserve extra attention, they require it. They must be developed differently, engaged differently, and deployed differently. Inventive Talent can assist organizations in application of research-based assessments of learning agility and with the design and facilitation of programs for hi-pos and also for hi-professionals, fast-track experts destined for leadership roles.

High potentials are highly motivated, have above average intellectual horsepower and emotional intelligence, and have a track record of delivering excellent results. They have the capability to advance rapidly in their careers and rise to senior position levels that deal with complexity, ambiguity, and strategic issues. A defining characteristic of high potential talent is learning agility. High potential development includes a strong focus on learning agility.

Learning agility is the ability and willingness to learn from experience and to then apply that learning to perform successfully in new situations. It is especially important for leaders faced with ambiguity, complexity, and difficult strategic or operating issues. Learning agility increases in importance as leaders take on expanded roles and manage multiple functions. For all these reasons, learning agility is a key component of potential and plays a crucial role in talent management and high potential development.

Inventive Talent can assist you with the design and facilitation of high-potential leadership development programs. And we can help you integrate research-based assessments from Korn Ferry (e.g., the viaEDGE™ assessment of learning agility and the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential™). In addition, the Inventive Talent Survey™ of Innovative Team Effectiveness is highly effective for high potential development. These are just a few of a wide variety of practical high potential assessment and development tools we offer to enhance your high potential leadership development efforts.

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