Leadership Development for Technical Talent

Many organizations rely on high professionals – functional-technical experts – to drive innovation and achieve their competitive advantage. Developing leadership capabilities in functional experts is essential but challenging. Fast-track experts, high professionals, generally have different development needs than other high potential talent. They should be developed differently, engaged differently, and deployed into job assignments differently.

The Inventive Talent Accelerated Development Program for High Professionals™ is research-based development program that is customized to be tightly integrated with your organization’s culture and strategy. The program normally meets three times over the course of one year and is facilitated by Kim Ruyle, and selected executives from your organization. In addition to assessments, individualized coaching, and highly interactive team-based activities, the program incorporates action learning assignments that address real world issues faced by your organization.

The Inventive Talent Accelerated Development Program for High Professionals™ is designed to serve emerging high-professional talent, early-career functional experts who demonstrate the following :

  • A track record of consistently high performance
  • Expertise in and passion for a specialized discipline that is key to the organization’s success
  • High career motivation and willingness to expend extra time and effort to participate in the program

This program will prepare your high performing experts to lead, to effectively champion innovation, manage change, and advance to senior strategic roles in your organization!

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