Performance Management Design

Research shows that an effective Performance Management process can significantly enhance financial results. Yet, the practices in most organizations are not effective and create more frustration than success. In spite of valiant efforts by HR, most executives, managers, and employees are not happy with the performance management practices implemented in their organizations. Depending on the study you read, there is some level of dissatisfaction expressed by at least 75% of employees at all levels, and by some studies that number is as high as 95%! Inventive Talent can help change that. Inventive talent integrates neuroscience principles that will enhance performance management effectiveness, drive employee engagement, and shape desired organizational culture.

Inventive Talent has worked on the design and implementation of many performance management systems that are far more effective than the typical procedures viewed by employees as perfunctory, compliance-driven, and time-wasting procedures. We utilize research-based and experience-tested practices and tools such as Korn Ferry’s Performance Management Architect®. We’ll help you implement practices which are embraced by managers and enable frequent, meaningful conversations between managers and employees. Successful projects have been done with employee populations from 1,000 to 70,000 and include:

  • Program design
  • Job aids to support employees and managers
  • Feedback and coaching workshops for managers
  • Program evaluation
  • Change management

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