Talent Management Strategy

Inventive Talent offers specialized expertise and a breadth of research-based tools and services to help leaders craft a robust talent management strategy that’s tightly integrated with and supportive of the business strategy. Our two-day Talent Management Strategy workshop results in concrete actions aligned with your business strategy that addresses talent acquisition, performance management, leadership development, employee engagement, and succession planni.... Learn More »

High Potential Leadership Development

All talent is valuable, but all talent is not created equal. High potentials not only deserve extra attention, they require it. They must be developed differently, engaged differently, and deployed differently. Inventive Talent can assist organizations in application of research-based assessments of learning agility and with the design and facilitation of programs for hi-pos and also for hi-professionals, fast-track experts destined for leadership roles.

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Learning Agility Assessments and Coaching

Learning Agility is the ability and willingness to learn from experience and to then apply that learning to perform successfully in new situations. It is the single most accurate indicator known to predict the success of someone moving into a new role or into challenging new performance conditions. Learning agility increases in importance as leaders take on expanded roles and manage multiple functions and is especially important for leaders faced with ambiguity,.... Learn More »

Leadership Development for Technical Talent

Many organizations rely on high professionals – functional-technical experts – to drive innovation and achieve their competitive advantage. Developing leadership capabilities in functional experts is essential but challenging. Fast-track experts, high professionals, generally have different development needs than other high potential talent. They should be developed differently, engaged differently, and deployed into job assignments differently.

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Performance Management Design

Research shows that an effective Performance Management process can significantly enhance financial results. Yet, the practices in most organizations are not effective and create more frustration than success. In spite of valiant efforts by HR, most executives, managers, and employees are not happy with the performance management practices implemented in their organizations. Depending on the study you read, there is some level of dissatisfaction expressed by a.... Learn More »

Innovation Leadership Capabilities

Innovation drives profitable growth, but leading innovation is one of the most difficult of all leadership challenges. Inventive Talent Consulting has developed the Inventive Talent Survey™ of Innovation Leadership, a research-based survey of innovation leadership capabilities. The 49-item assessment is administered to selected employees online and provides an Innovation Index score as well as scores in six research-based drivers of innovation. Clients using.... Learn More »

Inventive Talent Survey™ of Board Effectiveness

Gain actionable insight into your Board’s strengths and developmental opportunities with the Inventive Talent Survey™ of Board Effectiveness. This is a pain-free and cost-effective assessment process. The research-based assessment is administered to all Directors and yields information about three key factors that predict Board effectiveness. Fewer than 50% of Directors give high marks to their Boards. Some small company Boards operate as high-functioning teams .... Learn More »